Monday, April 6, 2009

Bathroom Spruce-up

As I have been redoing Nathan's room-changing it from a guest room in to his own personal decor, I have been removing the Nautical theme that was in there and transplanting a lot of it into our Nautical themed bathroom that adjoins his room and the kitchen. It looks the same, but spruced up with a lot more neat things that we had and didn't really want to put away. I really like how it looks!
(No, I'm not a permanent fixture standing in the corner. LOL!)The doorways to the kitchen and nathan's room(I know, a picture of the toilet, how lovely... ha! But isn't the boat sitting atop it cool?)


  1. That is a very neat bathroom!! I'm impressed that you have so many interesting pictures and other pieces that go with the theme! Cool boat, yes. :)