Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Beauty of Spring

What an enjoyable Sabbath day I have enjoyed thus far. After a week's worth of packing, driving and then unloading and unpacking, I was worn out. Friday morning I put ingredients for bread in to the bread maker and presto! We had a lovely loaf of home made bread. I put beans to soak and voila! We had chili for Sabbath dinner. That out of the way I threw myself whole heartedly into the lengthy job of unpacking. SO MUCH TO DO!! I got a lion's share of it accomplished, with half a lion's load left. I had to get groceries too since the fridge and pantry was pretty well bare naked of food. At any rate, Sabbath came and rest we have. We've walked all over the property looking at everything. Our once little puppies, Sequoia and Montana are now big beautiful dogs!! I must post some pictures of them! They are just gorgeous! Sequoia is this incredible red color. So pretty! We had Sabbath School with the Bible story felts and a story about Little Maid and captain Namaan. Watched a sermon on 3abn and then had lunch out on our back porch. It was a beautiful sunny day today. 60*. Much cooler then Florida, but oh so lovely. I went around taking a few pictures of it all. The grass is so lush and green and needs mowing! I've seen some redbud trees around that also need to be captured in picture. I guess that'll have to wait for another day-tomorrow maybe? I've missed my Bradford pear blooms, but I still have my beloved Apple trees to bloom. Yep. Spring is quite possibly here!

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