Friday, April 24, 2009

A Busy Week!

Where has Sarah been all week you may be wondering! I am usually full of blogging. But this week has definitely been an exception to that. The kids have really kept me busy this week. That and added toothaches and errand running. It's been a full week.

I really got a lot accomplished though!

Started the week off with a visit to the Dentist on Monday morning. After numerous infections ever since the tooth began coming in, I decided it's time to have the offender removed. So, this coming Tuesday, I'll be doing just that. Wish me well! Afterwards I met Mike at Lowes to discuss doorbell options and then we went to lunch together. A really nice treat! We ate at a new Italian place in town and the food was delicious! Much to our delight. :) Dessert was.... WOW. Good. lol! We usually don't get dessert, but who could resist the incredible looking showcase full of delectable delights?! That afternoon I went and got my lisence renewed and really got a good pic on it this time around. Good thing, because it doesn't have to be renewed until 2012. Such a strange sounding number, isn't it??

I've accomplished a lot of organizing this week. Nathan's closet was a biggie. After redoing the kid's rooms I had sort of just thrown the extra's into the closet and closed the door on it. This week I reorganized the whole thing. Shrinking down extra blankets and sheets and restoring order on a whole. Looks so much better.
Also went through the house and garage and gathered together items for the church yard sale this Sunday.
Cleaned through the pantry unit and dumped out old canned goods to make room for a new canning season coming up!
Went through my closet and restored order there, caught up on all the laundry and ironing and kept up with all the rest of the household chores.
Another big accomplishment this week was preparing a printing out a binder for Toddler Time. I whole year's worth of learning fun for the kiddo's. It's all printed out and compiled. I used a lot of the information from Pamms Place, plus some ideas from my friend Laura as well as ideas of my own and got the whole thing together. Big accomplishment and I'm happy to have it done!
Also got 4 weeks worth of menus compiled. I had a lot of menus, but they were all supper ones, not full days worth of menus. So, this is what I have been working on. Soon I will have 6-8 weeks worth of menus. But at this point, it's just 4. They consist of Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Snack items. Although I don't generally do snacking, there are times when little snack type items on the menu comes in handy.
Several days this week have been picture perfect and the kids and I have been playing outside for a larger portion of the day. Rolling in the grass, practising summersaults (Hannah) playing in the sandbox, hanging out laundry and playing on the outdoor toys. It's been loads of fun. Soon we'll be in the throws of gardening! Looking forward to the tilled dirt so as to get the planting started!
Mike has been busy working on an added room for our house along with trying to start a lawn maintainance business with 2 of his brothers. He has a more than loaded plateful of work, the poor guy. It's much more than he can keep up with, really.
Oh! Last night we went to Game Night at the church! It was a blast! Mike got to play Volleyball with some folks from church and I had fun watching my kids. Nathan wanted to play so bad. It was adorable how he cheered from the sidelines! Hehe. I also had a music committee meeting beforehand and we decided on a new call to worship song for the church service.
Lots going on as you can see!
Today I got my new little camera via UPS! I am so excited! Waiting for it to charge right now.... I found it on Ebay. New. Anyways, I want to upload a few pics of the kids this past week. Some of them in a field of buttercups, and others of them in our yard playing in the grass.
Looking forward to a terrific weekend! We're headed up to Kentucky on Sunday to see Kristina M. and her newly married husband. They're church is having a reception for them since they got married clear across the country in Washington. So, I am excited to see her, as well as my dear "sis" Heather. Ought to be a lot of fun.
More later!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. WOW. You did get a lot done. TONS!!! I can't believe it! And you say I'll get less done with two kids? This sounds like more than I've ever accomplished in one week. ;) Way to give me hope. Thanks!