Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Stuff Happening for Hannah!

Since I've been home I've set about re-arranging Hannah's room! We've moved the location of her bed and switched it out with the bed in Nathan's room (making her's into a queen size-you go little princess! It was our guest bed, now it will be for nathan when he gets a bit bigger.) Also got rid of the changing table in her room and her little table went into Nathan's room. (she still has a little art desk) Here's her new look!

I still need to get rid of the pine cone stencil I had done in her room. (back when it was our office and we were going to decorate it woodsy style) We'll have to replace it with some fun flowers or something... And, while in Florida, Mike's grandma found a cute dresser and nightstand at a yardsale. White with little butterfly and ladybug knobs on the drawers. We have to repaint the dresser a fresh white and she'll finally have a dresser! Eventually, I hope to find a long, white shelf unit for toy bins....

Also, her grandma gifted her with a welcome home present of a pretty Easter dress, hat and purse. So cute!

Here's the little "koolcat" kickin' back on her new bedspread! I found the set at Target while in Florida and thought it would be perfect for her room! Love it!

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  1. Yep - it's girly! And cute! You've sure been busy redecorating since you got home...