Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Stuff Happening for Nathan!

I've also been hard at work in Nathan's room. Since coming home to Tennessee, he has graduated to his own room! I found a great cowboy theme, also at Target while in Florida for his room. I was wavering back and forth between cowboy and country farm boy and ended up taking inspiration from this tiny pair of cowboy boots I found at Goodwill for 2 bucks. Aren't they cute?
We moved Hannah's old bed into his room and also moved his little rubbermaid dresser drawer unit and changing table from our room, into his room. I emptied out the little dresser in his room that I had been using for extra blankets and table cloths and filled it up with his clothes and will be using the rubbermaid drawer unit for other things (such as art supplies or sewing things... at a later date) I'm still working on his room. Taking down all the Nautical stuff we had in there and transplanting a lot of it to the bathroom adjoining the bedroom and kitchen. I think I will take several pictures I took of horses and of Nathan riding horses, blow them up and frame them for use in his room. Plus, some spurs, rope, a bridle, etc... and we should be really kickin' it cowboy in Nathan's room! i am so excited! :)
I also pulled out some pillows I had stored away that were bandana print and a stuffed horsie from my childhood and we had a nice pillow to feed Nate his sleeptime bottle and read stories now.


  1. WOW. I'm impressed. Nathan is sleeping in that big bed already?? This room looks fantastic!!! I love the idea of blowing up pictures of him outside.

  2. no no no!! he's not sleeping in this bed yet. he's still in his crib-also in the room. he's in the room on his own though.

  3. So cuuute! you are so good at decor!