Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This morning my friend Alicia came over with her two little ones, Tori and Tommy. Tori is just 4 months older than Hannah and Nathan is 5 months older than Tommy. :) What fun the two little ladies had conjuring up mischief! I had a definite little taste of what it will be like once Nathan is just a tad bit older, or more mobile on his own two feet! They were so funny! They'd troop off to some other room in the house and come out with something or other to play with. Either that or there would be silence and you'd wonder what they were up to! Needless to say, they had lots of fun together! We made cookies-I think the gals ate more of the dough than they put on the pan, they sure loved the carob chips and raisins they were able to dig out. ;) Then I decided to pull out the paints. Probably a mistake, since Nathan was starving right about then and I realized to my dismay that it was already lunchtime and I needed to start preparing something! So, I got nate in his high chair and busied with a strawberry and commensed to semi-watching the girls with the paints and watch nathan eat, and get lunch ready. Well, the painting was pretty much a mess, but the girls loved every minute of it. So I guess that's what counts. hehe! :) Memories.... :)
The afternoon was so pretty, so after Alicia and kids went home and we had our lunch, we went outside and played. Fed the kitty, went on the back porch and the kids played with their little scooters, and tricycle, etc.... then we came in for naptime. Nathan slept, Hannah didn't. Oh well, she slept yesterday... She went to bed early tonight.
Tomorrow I get my hair cut. I think I'm just going to get it reshaped and layered. Mike thinks the color needs richening. I'm not sure I would want to take the plunge and get a color put in it. Seems like it would be a hassle as the roots grow out and such. My hair lightened quite a bit while in Florida. Oh well.
Anyways, I caught sight of these new vitamins on the market-they are made by vitafusion. Multi Vites-Gummy Vitamins for Adults! completely natural. They also have an Energy B12 vit. Sounds like my kind of vitamin! Also, L'il Critters for kids! Every type of vitamin and mineral and supplement you could think of, they make. All natural sugars and flavors. Interesting.... they sell 'em at Walmart.
Anyways......... I'm sleepy and I'm gonna go hit the hay. I am ramblin.....

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  1. I would love gummy vitamins!! I thought they were made from animal gelatin or something? And food coloring? Anyway, if they are really natural and vegetarian, that would be awesome!! I'll have to check them out...

    Glad you had a fun play-date today!