Friday, April 17, 2009

Nathan the Adventurer

(Notice that little face-looking for the next thing to close in on and explore) Barefooted country boy, checkin' it all out.

Nathan has had quite the adventures in boyhood in his short life thus far. Yesterday he stacked up quite a few in his book of "Little Boy's Must Try" For example: he was electracuted while pulling a plug out of the socket. (something he has been repeatedly told not to do, but I guess some little ones have to learn by experience) He is really tallying up the bangs and bumps to his poor little head too. Mike and I have decided that if he is going to be in the kitchen (which is tile floor) he will have to be in his walker or highchair. I/Nathan can't handle any more bangs and crashes! Poor little man... He loves his freedom and if only he had a little more support to himself he would be really cruising on those two little legs. All in time. At any rate, he remains unpeturbed and takes off in his hands and knees crawling pell mell across grass, porches, cement, tables, carpet, or even changing tables. (he gets strapped in while diapers are changed these days) Yesterday, while Mike was working on an addition to our home (an extra room!! YAY!) Nathan was full of exploratory moves. By the end of the day-he was FILTHY dirty. Definitely in need of a bath. And boy howdy! What a squiggly little munchkin he is in the wet. Definitely a hard one to hold on to!
Well, Nathan for sure sums up the meaning of the word "boy" because he sure ain't no girl!


  1. LOL!! Sounds like he's 110% BOY, maybe more than even my little man! Wowsers.

  2. So that is what I have to look forward to?