Friday, April 17, 2009

Not to Be Out-done

Hannah is not to be out-done by her little brother. No-sir-ee! If Nathan does it, so must she. If he has a toy she wants, then by all means-she must have it. If Nathan is banging on the house, then bang she does. And, if Nathan trys to eat grass, then she really WILL eat grass! Yesterday we were playing in the front yard and she decided she was a moo-cow and was going to eat some grass. So, she did.
On another note, she is also turning in to quite the helper girl and likes to help whenever she can. Today she 'helped' me mop the floor and loved every second of it. She also loves to dust and helped me with that as well!
Today we implemented a sticker chart where she is rewarded for the good deeds she does. You know, embellish the good behavior and minimize/punish the poor? What a big hit that was! She was kissing her brother and crooning over him left and right!! And obeying me and making good choices. Such a sweetie. She's in her room right now for her "Quiet Time", singing pretty little songs and looking at her books.
We received the Cd I ordered in the mail today! It's entitled: Scripture Songs & Little Lessons by Hannah and Caleb Rayne. It is beautiful! You can get a copy of it at: I highly recommend it! In between songs the two children give little lessons that go along with the scripture song they just sang. It's very tasteful and well done. Or, you can skip all the lessons and just listen to the songs., it has both variations on the same CD. I am very pleased with the quality and Hannah loves it as well!

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  1. It's so good to hear that focusing on the positive works so well -- instant results!! Way to go!