Friday, April 17, 2009

Quinoa Salad

Today, Hannah and I made Quinoa Salad for lunch. It really turned out tasty. I cooked the Quinoa ( 1 c. rinsed quinoa to 4 c. water and salt to taste) While it was cooking we saute'ed zuchinni chunks and chopped up cilantro, fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olives and opened and drained a can of chickpeas. After the Quinoa was cooked we mixed everything all together and added garlic salt, onion powder and Mrs. Dash to taste. It was really yummy! You could also add some fresh squeezed lemon and I think that would be mighty good. Or add some chopped avacado. (yum!) It was different and it was good. Just thought you might like to see what we had.

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