Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And we Think we have Nothing....

We think we have nothing. And yet, we live in homes with secure roofing, siding and flooring. We have SOMETHING in the cupboard/freezer/fridge to eat. We have soap to wash with, toothbrushes for our teeth. We have clean water to drink, we have clothes, other than the ones on our backs. We drive or are able to pay for our transportation. We plan yearly vacations and yet we think we have nothing, when in essence we have so MUCH. So, things may be tighter than they used to be. It doesn't mean we're poor or we don't have anything. No. It just means the belt has to go tighter and our brains have to be exercised in areas of frugality. Besides, our forefather's lived with much less than we could ever imagine and they made it through strong.
Let's Praise God that we have bodies that are ABLE to work and move! Let's praise God that we are clothed (and even have more than one set of clothes.), that we have nutritious food to eat (that we're not in line at the local shelter. And if we are... are we praising God even then?) I'm telling you, there are situations here in America that are so below poverty level it's hard for us to imagine.
And, you know, even if all this temporal is taken away, we have so much more to look forward to and fix our eyes upon. We have Jesus and the hope of eternal life in Heaven. This, my friends, is SOMETHING worth having! It's worth far more than any earthly possessions. This is Life eternal that they may know ME the only true God and Jesus Christ.
Fix your eyes heavenward. In that land, we won't have to worry about where the money is coming from to pay the next electric bill. We won't have to worry about sicknesses and not having medical insurance or the money to pay for it. We're going to be HOME! Hallelujah! :)
So, rejoice! And be exceeding glad. For GREAT is your reward in Heaven.

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