Monday, May 11, 2009

Farm Outing

Today our church school took a field trip to visit a local mini-farm. The teacher invited us to come along as well and I was happy to oblige! The kids enjoyed seeing the animals so much and I enjoyed myself as well. The farm was located only 10 minutes from my house! The lady has goats which she milks and chickens for eggs, and she grows lots of her own veggies and herbs. She was really quite knowledgeable about natural things and was such a blast to get to know! She was so vivacious! One of the things she showed us how to do is to make Kefir. It was really interesting because I had just been talking to my friend the night before on making Kefir and had watched some Youtube video clips on the whole process. It's not too hard to make and it's great in smoothies and dips, etc... Besides that, it's incredibly healthy for you. It is full of probiotics and keeps your immune system in tip-top shape. Thumbs up! I was very impressed at how clean and sterile she was with her milk. It was really impressive. There aren't many that are that careful.
As I watched the little goat babies frolic, I found myself missing my little goat's of by-gone days... they were so much fun and so sweet! And I loved having their milk besides. Maybe some day I'll have some again.
At any rate it was such a nice visit and great to get out of the house and do something interesting with such nice people. Thank you Mrs. H for inviting us along! :)


  1. How neat! Goats are such fun creatures. :P Unfortunately I never liked the taste of their milk but I do believe it is much better for us then cows milk!

  2. Cute goats! When we went down to the sustainable living festival on Sunday, we saw and I held a Nigerian dwarf. Talk about cute! I wanted one! I guess they have some really good tasting milk with 10% fat which makes it great. They only milk about a quart or possibly 2 a day.
    The farm trip sounded like a treat!