Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My 25th

Well, it was my 25th birthday yesterday. I got up and showered and when I came out of the bathroom, these beautiful roses, a card and a big wrapped box were waiting for me! I was so surprised! Aren't the flowers just gorgeous?! My present was a set of cooking pots! I am positively delighted! Exactly what I needed! Later on in the day my mother in law and I took the kids to the park. They definitely had a blast. It was such a beautiful sunny day outside. Too nice to be indoors!

Came home and I got the kids lunch and they splashed in their little kiddie pool for a little while and then it was naptime. Meanwhile, I got dressed up and did my hair and cleaned the kitchen up. Mike told me he was taking me to dinner! Around 6:00 we left for dinner. Mike took me to the Chop House to eat. It was sort of a romantic setting and real enjoyable. They didn't have a lot to choose from for a vegetarian, but there were delicious Tamale Corn Cakes and lots of veggie sides. Afterwards we walked through Bass Pro Shop and I picked out a pair of flip-flops(aren't they cute?! And they were only 11.88-not bad for Bass Pro!), a shirt and some capris (thinking towards our trip to the beach in North Carolina the end of the month!) It was really special to be out by ourselves!

Afterwards we drove home and....surprise! Mike's mom and grandma and brothers had a cake and balloons waiting! Fun! Glad I didn't have dessert earlier! The cake was just beautiful! A big thanks to Mike's grandma for that!

(did I really get all those candles out?! I thought I was going to pass out! They were sparklers and they kept relighting on me! Ahhh!)

Well, what's ahead of me in this coming year? I guess I'll have to wait and find out! I have been contemplating making a goal list for the upcoming year. But then again... my plate is pretty full as it is. I guess I'll just be the best that I can be and strive to grow closer to Jesus so that my family and I will be ready to meet Him when He comes....


  1. love love love you new blog layout btw!

  2. wow, they really made a special day for you! you definately deserve it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    So many people I know have May b-days! Summer turned 18 today and then my 23rd is next week. I have friends and lots of family with May b-days too. I think its a perfect month to have a birthday. :) And our 5th anniversary is this month too!

  3. lol! we have the same pair of flip-flops! David got me the same pair from Bass Pro one day as a surprise! We'll have to wear then in NC together! ;)

  4. where do you get your blog backgrounds?

  5. Happy Birthday! I got a vita mix for my 25th birthday...right up there with a set of pots! What a nice time! (And I love your blog design, cheerful!)