Friday, May 1, 2009

The Week

What hasn't happened this week I'd like to know? (well, probably alot of things, but, that's beside the point)
I went to the Dentist this week, all prepared to have my wisdom tooth extracted only to find out that the guy just wanted a consultation. Blah! So, he explained the gory and horrible procedure, as well as the options for pain control during the 45 minutes-1 hr. long "surgery" He explained how he'd have to cut around the tooth, and, yadda yadda. Enough gore to make the strongest of persons get up and walk from the room never to be seen or heard from again! Then he procedes to give us the run down of costs to remove a single tooth. It's unreal I tell you, unreal! So, I walked out of there feeling pretty disgruntled. I don't know what to do anymore...
On with the week. The night before the dentist I began getting sick. And so did Hannah. We both woke up with the nasty Cold and sniffly noses. So I was already beginning to feel miserable by the time I got to the dentist. That night and the next day I felt so incredibly rotten. I just layed on the floor while the kids climbed all over me.
The next day I felt a bit better and so did Hannah. However, Nathan was coming down with the sniffles too. So, he's been a clingy little sweetheart. I tried out the "wrap" that I had for him for the first time. And love it! It's sort of like a "moby wrap" but it's not that brand. It's a woven fabric instead. Same concept though. If you have never used one, I definitely suggest it! It would have been a lifesaver with hannah who always wanted to be held as a baby. Definitely a great thing. I looked up a Youtube video with instructions on how to use it. Much easier to watch it being used than to look at written illustrations.
Thursday we went and got plants for the garden as well as flowers. So, today I have been working on planting the flowers and Mike has been working on getting the garden ready to plant. Such fun! Love the springtime. I have my window boxes planted in red, white and blue. (so patriotic, dontcha think?! ;)) I have several barrels and tins around filled with flowers and will have to take some pictures soon to post! I think they look to 'purty'! :)
I also got to ferns to hang out on the front porch. Love the ferns. So cool and breezy looking.
Oh! by the way! Mike took his first guitar lesson this week!! Very very cool!! I am so excited for him! He's got a great feel for it and a terrific rythm. Can't wait til he's playing real well and he can play and I can sing! Fun fun.
There's more happening, and I have so many posts that I'd love to write, swirling in my head all week, but I never get to write them all out. So much to do, so little time. That, and sick babies (and mama) explain it all.
So, it'll all have to wait til a later date I suppose. ....
Y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. I LOVE my homemade moby. Best wrap ever.... The back carry is great for toddlers too!

    Hope your tooth feels better soon.