Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Green Smoothie

When I first heard of Green Smoothies I about gagged. I thought that the whole idea sounded just positively disgusting. Until I made and tried one for the first time this week. I am hooked! Completely hooked. And so are the kids! This particular one has Mango, Kiwi, Fuji apple, banana, spinach and pineapple juice and let me tell you. It was GOOD. The kids slurp it up like crazy. Full of nutrients and greens to boot!
Be creative! I used leaf lettuce in one and it was really pretty good. Just a little stronger tasting than the spinach ones. I think I like spinach better. However, I think Romaine would probably be better than the leaf lettuce. It's a great way to get the greens in.
A new website that's a lot of fun to browse is: Love browsing through her site. Have fun and think Green! :-)


  1. Where is the recipe to this one?
    I love the movie of the watermelon! The cake is beautiful! Nice job, mom!

  2. That does sound really yummy! I want to try that sometime...:)

  3. Spinach is my favorite for green smoothies! I like spinach, banana, strawberry. Or spinach, banana, mango. Or spinach, banana, peach. I love my bananas... :)