Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Does my Garden Grow

Having fun trying to keep the weeds out of my garden! I am halfway to 3/4 of the way successful. That's pretty good I guess! As for how the plants are doing...
I am waiting to see how my tomatoes fare in the end. They've sort of been off to a rough start and they desperately need staking. The greenbeans of course are thriving and the corn looks good as well. Summer squash is doing good, Zuchinni not so well. Eggplants are being eaten alive by some sort of little red bug, my strawberry patch is infested with weeds, but the canteloupe plants have fuzzy little babys on them! So, yeah. Some things are good and others aren't as good. But that's life. And my flowers are lovely!!


  1. I'm super impressed with your garden!! My green beans didn't come up...there are one or two pitiful looking plants. And some bug is eating the leaves of the pepper plants. :( But our tomatoes are thriving!

  2. i'm completely frustrated with weeds. I just don't have time to work in the garden except after work when I don't want to do ANYTHING. but the weeds don't care and keep on growing...what is up with that? :P