Monday, June 8, 2009

I never Dreamed.... What a life!

As my children grow older, I see more and more the incredible responsibility that is mine to raise them up in the "way that they should go." Back in my ' life before kids' I never dreamed of the laughs and struggles that would be mine along the way. Somehow a dream is sort of utopian. It never plays out in your head the way it truly will be in the real life experience. Wow. What a reality check when you get the real thing! :-) Lately, as Hannah is in the midst of her second year and Nathan has completed his 1st year of life the dramas have become inumerable. I honestly wish I could remember everything that they do or say during the day. It's enough to make you throw up your hands and laugh and cry intermittantly. Hannah has become quite a little boss and makes it her business to know Nathan's whereabouts and doings at all times. And the whining! It can drive you insane. We're really working on that. Totally.
Nathan on the other hand is a little charmer. I believe he thinks he can throw his charm on you-little eyelashes batting and an adorably mischievous grin on his face-and you'll give in! He charms all the girls and has never met a stranger. At the same time, he is trying to figure out (and it seems like it hasn't taken much figuring on his part) how to throw mini tantrums and run away instead of coming when he's called. It's amazing how much they can learn all before their first birthday.
Here's what happened this morning!
Today I had to make a Walmart trip with both kids in tow. It's not something I relish doing on my own. Tomorrow is Nathan's first birthday and I needed to pick up a few things for his cake and haystacks and also wanted to get him a little present. So, off we went! We arrive and I get both kids out of the car. Hannah holding one hand and me holding onto Nathan's squirmy self with the other arm. By the time I get up to the store (why didn't I pick up a cart in the parking lot??), Nathan has nearly squirmed loose. I plop him into the nearest shopping basket with a sigh. Then I load up hannah. (I'm already tired! lol) I meander through the store-where on earth are those sticky fly strips located anyway? Oh well, moving on! "Mommy! I gotta go potty!" Argh! Back to the restrooms we trudge. unbuckle Nathan, pick him up, then grab Hannah with the other arm. Ok. get to the potty. Nathan is meanwhile investigating whatever he can. Back to the cart. Ok! let's find nathan a present! Well, hannah suddenly thinks it's her birthday! Hmm... what would SHE like?! Haha! I kept trying to tell her, that her birthday was a long way off and we needed to find a present for nate. Well, I think in the end we found something they'd both like- a tonka style dump truck and a front loader. Great for the sand box. We finally made it through the store. Several items had been nibbeled on, knawed on and squashed in transit, but oh well. We were all in one piece and there were only a few raisins left on the floor in a trail behind us. ;)
Back in the car. Hannah sings some goofy made up songs that are intertwined with ones she has heard before. Of course she is singing at the top of her lungs-she said she doesn't want nathan to go to sleep. So she's being loud. (ai yi yi!) "Mommy's gonna buy us a mockingbird. If that mocking bird don't sing, we're gonna live in my heart today. Amen! Jesus loves me dis I know! Jesus loves dittle ones dike me me me! Clap your hands if you're happy eat a macaroni!" (and on and on it goes.... as i sit cracking up in the front seat, intermittently feeling like falling asleep)
Get home and unload the kids. Take hannah to the potty again and begin to unload the car. Leave the kids inside for a moment while I run out to the truck to grab a few more bags. Come back to the door and hear from inside-"oh mommy, oh mommy! I made such a mess! Oh mommy, it's a very naughty bad thing!" Uh-oh. What am I going to see next? a pint of blueberries strewn clear across the floor. She had been putting something away for me in the fridge and together, she and nathan had accidentally knocked the blueberries out. Of course they were rolling everywhere and nathan was in all his babyish glory trying to see how many dirty blueberries he could fit into his mouth at one time. We got them all picked up and I went out for more groceries. As I was unloading the bags of canned goods into the pantry, nathan snuck over and began dipping his whole fist in the flour sack. He came up with a huge fist full and began to stuff it into his mouth. I ran for him and grabbed him in the nick of time. Of course, flour was covering him. He was pretty cute. Groceries unloaded, the kids were hungry and it was time to dig up some food for them to eat. Then clean clean them up. What a mess! Hannah was completely distraught because her favorite shirt that she insists on wearing at all times was very messy and had to be taken off. She dissolved in to tears telling me that was very naughty and she was so sad about that. Then she says she has to go potty and she can't get into the bathroom because the door is shut and she is going to go potty right there in her shorts. I say "you better not young lady!" "I already did says she, my shorts are all wet and I'm gonna get a sore butt. (wah) she strips her clothes off right then and there. I'm cold she says. I brrr. I need clothes on! (wah wah wah) I finally get nathan cleaned up and we go to get hannah some clothes on. I not tired she wails. I need a "werpip tory" (worship story). I don't want you to leave me. Nathan! Don't look at my belly button! i don't want you on my bed. Wah wah wah. Whew! I'm getting worn out! Finally, she is in her bed for her nap and nathan is in his. What a morning!! I still have the afternoon ahead of me!
If I had known that all these up's and down's were ahead of me, would I have chosen to have kids? Well, of course! I love those two little rascals with my whole heart. Do they utterly and completely wear me out? You bet! But I certainly don't regret having them in my life. Will I have more?? Oh my. At this point? I only have two hands/arms!!!!!
I'd love to write more. There are so many things I'd like to write about. Seems that lately, blogging has been pushed to the side. Mommyhood has taken the front burner and let me tell you, it's a tiring front burner and it doesnt' leave much time for other endeavors. But I try to squeeze it all in wherever/whenever possible.
So long from mommy land-until another day! :-D


  1. Wow! Having them so close together makes it harder! But take courage! They will get older and more reasonable, as long as you don't give up and let them come up "like weeds in the garden." God bless!

  2. thanks for sharing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who opens half her groceries in the store in order to keep her kid happy! :)

  3. I'm impressed at how much you remembered and that you were able to find time to write it all down! What a tough morning!! I'm having a hard enough time with my one lately. Ooooph. Keep that positive attitude going for both of us!

  4. Oh my word, you poor girl! I was imagining the whole thing in my head and laughing as I was reading it! I think I may just stick to one! ;)

  5. Oh, my sweet daughter, I love ya! Know that my prayers are with you all day!

  6. I totally understand a day like yours!! You are not alone. Mine try to do the same things!!!!

  7. This is so totally my life!!!! Chemist mom.