Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Father's World

I found it! I know what I will be doing for a Kindergarten program for Hannah when the time comes. If it goes well, I may even continue on with this program. It is called My Father's World. It is such a beautiful program completely based on nature and the Lord.
And..... they have a Toddler learning pack as well! Here is one of the things I liked especially-the quiet learning tote:LOVE their learning "tools" aka toys for toddlers. They have a pack designed for 2-3 yr olds as well as a pack for 3-4 year olds. Both have some great learning resources to utilize.
How about these adorable lace-ups? I remember something similar as a child, but when i saw these... well, they are so cute!
At any rate, I am having fun finding some things for Hannah to do this Fall as I will be implementing some sort of structured learning time. Perhaps an hour during the morning while Nathan as napping. But that's after the fun and freedom of summertime! My thought is, soak in as much sun and fresh air as you can during the summer months. There will be plenty of not so nice days when we'll have to be inside, so play outdoors while you can! Running free as lambs. :)


  1. Agreed 100%. :) Cool finds!

  2. Sarah, these are just fabulous! I love how you know how to put things on here with neat links! How do you do that? Like the word "these" is highlighted and takes you to a link. How??
    Good goin' girl! Proud of ya! *wink*

  3. Yes, the lace up cards are wonderful. Fanta got some last Christmas and they are great for church. She will sit quietly figuring them out