Monday, July 27, 2009

Afternoon Sewing project

Last week on one particular afternoon, I was feeling in the mood to sew a bit. I wanted to make Hannah a split skirt, but didn't have a pattern for one and so, tried my hand at it, freestyle. Well, after numerous attempts to make it turn out right, and then figuring out what I had done wrong, but unable to fix it, I went on to take two and changed my project altogether and made a fun paneled skirt with a ruffled bottom for Hannah instead! It was pretty simple and turned out quite well! I was pleased. I did it without a pattern as well, which I thought was neat. I just cut strips in two different material selections, sewed them together, then made a ruffle, put gathers in it, made an elastic waist band, hemmed the ruffle and it was done!

This could be done so many ways, You could even add more faric variety if you chose to. And, you could also add an inner lining quite simply, which I would probably do next time, seeing as how there are a lot of seams within, from so many different strips of fabric, but overall, I was satisfied with my project and hopefull Hannah will enjoy wearing it here and there as well.... :)


  1. Very cute! I bet she loves it! I see she has a flip-flop shirt on! She is going to be a girl after my own heart! ;)