Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Canning

On Sunday we made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market, up in Asheville, NC. to get some peaches to can! I also got some pickling cucumbers and a box of tomatoes. On Tuesday, Mike stayed home and helped me can the goods. We got 39 quarts of peaches, 12 quarts of tomatoes and 12 pints of bread and butter pickles. And, well, the canning jars are all full what with the canning from this year and the leftovers from last! So.... that's it! :) I love the look of home canned goods sitting on the shelf. They taste so yummy too! :)

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  1. Yeah! I'm really impressed! I'm Marcey's sister, and I have 2 two-year-olds right now. Alex will be 3 next month, and Adam just turned 2 last week. I was an avid canner before kids, and didn't even try any canning last summer. This year I got adventurous and actually canned 1 bushel of peaches (about 7 quarts), and 7 pints of pickled beets. I hope to do more next year, with even better "helpers". :-)

    I agree that canning is very satisfying. I would get my cupboard full of the colorful jars, and then just sit and stare at them, reveling in my accomplishment. No time for that this year!

    Chemist Mom, Newburgh, IN