Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It occurs to me that often I mention a new plan of action, or something newly aquired, and then seem to leave you all hanging as to what happened! So, thought I'd catch everyone up on things.
-My Father's World-ended up being terrific. Hannah really enjoys it! She's learning a LOT. She can stack pieces according to shape and color now and is learning to count to five. She is fitting pieces together as in a puzzle now and is also learning basic adding and subtraction. A really great investment to be sure.
-My Bible First-not as impressed as I thought I might be. Curriculum is a bit over kid's heads and the pictures are not too eye-catching for a kid. The story is fairly long and wordy, and then there are four small pictures on the opposite page that coincide with the story. Not a good investment in my honest oppinion. The older kids may benefit from the program more than the youngers.
- New schedule I mentioned so long ago-it went out with the birds. ;) Yeah, I have found myself to be more of a routinely person, more than a scheduled person. So, I have been trying to work on a routine, but then, find that, we already have one that works pretty well, so why change it? haha! The main thing I would like to work on is the morning routine and getting it to flow a bit more smoothly. Mainly what would fix this, is if I were to get up before the kids in the morning, but how on earth do you do that? Still working on it...
-Menu Plans- Yeah, I have lots of menu's all made and printed out, looking just lovely in their clear plastic folder sheets... Do I use them? Depends... You see, in order to really follow a menu well, you have to go shopping for it weekly or biweekly and sometimes, I'll go shopping for one week, get the menu goods, and will abide by the menu for that week. Thing is, I'll have lots of leftovers, or maybe I only got to 1/2 of the things on the menu, so I make the other things the following week, then, I might even use cupboard and freezer excess on another week, and then, If I go shopping, its for things that i've run out of, so then, the menu gets thrown out, because I just pick things up as I go along. The other thing is this, you may not always be in the mood for what is written out on the menu. So, the past three weeks what I have found to be enjoyable is to find 4-5 NEW or old recipes that we might all like to try or eat that week and I try to pick them according to what I have in the house, so that I don't have to buy too many ingredients, and then, I shop according to those recipes, also find a few breakfast dishes, and a few lunch add-in's. I really have liked this way of shopping thus far. It works for me!
-Cloth Diapers-much needed update on these! Am I still using them? Nope. Just sold them last week. Why? Because I couldn't handle the stinky ones anymore. Haha! Nathan really does some doozies and.... they were just getting gross to deal with. So, back to the ole disposables.... oh well. The brand of BumGenius 3.0 definitely IS a good one, however. They hold moisture very well and were really a pleasure to use.
-Soap Nuts- The soap nuts didn't seem to clean very well. I'm not sure why, they recieve rave reviews. The only thing I can think of is that I have very hard water and perhaps they just couldn't react with it well. Perhaps if I had a softer water, or if I tried adding Vinegar to the wash load, they would work. I'm not sure. But they sure didn't get any grime out of the clothes. I did add Oxiclean a few times and that seemed to help, but that was probably just the Oxiclean!
-Homemade Laundry Soap- Decent. I think if I try it again, I will try it with the Fels Naptha and I will make the detergent Liquid. At this point, I'm stuck on Tide with Bleach, simply because-IT WORKS. It gets the clothes sparkly clean.
-Dryer Balls-Love them!! A good investment. And the kids think they're great fun too. They love getting the laundry out of the dryer for me and finding the balls hidden in the clothes....
Ok, so does that sum it all up? Am I caught up on all the "Sarah tries"? ;)
I just thought you all might like to know exactly what worked for me and what didn't!! haha!

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