Monday, July 6, 2009

Zipling, Tubing and Fireworks

So on Friday I got to go Tubing down the beautiful river in the Smoky Mountains AND Zipline!! I was SO excited to get to try ziplining. For Mike, both tubing and ziplining were both new things to try. He had a blast! A bit of a rough start on the tubing-he fell into the ice cold water promptly. ;) I thought it was hilarious! He hooted and hollered all the way down the river. It was so fun! I stopped and swung out over the river on a rope and dropped in. WAY fun. Couldn't talk the Mike's into doing that one though. ;) After an exhilerating trip down the river, we headed down the road to try out the new zipline in the area! WOW. As soon as I get the pictures of that whole drama from Mike's aunt, I will share them! It was soooooo much FUN! I honestly wasn't as scared as I thought I would be! I just jumped out and went zooming down the line! I wanted to do it again!! Mike delayed for quite some time right at the edge. Found out later he was checking to make sure that the paraphenelia that was wrapped around him was really going to hold! Once he saw the weight limit of 1120 pounds or something, he felt relieved and.... let go and swung down the line! Fun!! He says now that he's done it once, he'd do it again for sure! It really was a fun thrill.
Saturday night Mike and I watched the fireworks off the back porch. Twas fun seeing all the bright bursts of colors go flying from various homes in the neighborhood.
Sunday, Mike took his family and Hannah out on the boat. They seemed to have a lot of fun! I was home with Nathan who has a real croupy chest cough. Didn't want that getting any worse!
Overall, it was a good weekend! The weather wasn't as hot either! (of course, since we finally got to do all those nice watery sports, right? )
How was your 4th?

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