Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be Still and Know

Spending time with God.... what does that sentence bring to your mind? Here is what it brings to mine! Since becoming a mother, finding the 'time' to spend with God and just "be still and know" is hard to come by! At least it seems that way. And yet, it is the most important thing ever! It is the biggest thing that the success or failure of my day hinges upon and somehow it often tends to get skipped over or forgotten. In the bigger picture, it means much more.
I find that reading just a few verses and contemplating their meaning for my life help me as I go throughout my duties during the day. They give me a more cheerful outlook on life and help me focus my mind on Jesus. There is often at least a moment or two that we mom's can focus on this. It may be that you are able to get up before your children in the morning and spend those few precious moments. Or maybe your kids are early birds and up with the sun and you just can't beat them no matter how early you arise! So, perhaps your time is during the baby's morning nap. Or maybe it is while the hubby is still home in the morning and you're getting your shower. Sometimes I'll just stay in the bathroom a few moments longer so as to read a few scriptures without interruptions. The main thing is to find what works for you and stick with it. Don't stray from spending time with Jesus as far as possible. Realistically I know that there are going to be time's when it just doesn't happen. So, if that is the case, then turn on your favorite scripture song CD and listen as you do the dishes or work around the house. This has helped to lighten my mood and bring around a smile many a time! Some of my favorite scripture song musicians are Patty Valiant and Trilogy. Also, Young Disciple has a good one. There are many more to be had out there in all styles, these are just my personal favorites.
So, you want to spend time with Jesus. You want to be still and know, but where do you start? The Bible is an awfully big book, right?! There are so many ways. You can study topically, using the Strongs Concordance and finding a topic that interests you, study each verse mentioned on that topic. Or, you can pick a book of the Bible that is intruiging and go from there. You could even just open the Bible and where ever you end up, start reading! There are many study guides that one could follow as well. The main thing is-get started! Today! Don't delay! If there's one thing that we won't regret at the end of time it is reading in God's Word, hiding his Word in our hearts. It's key. It's vital. Find the time. And work on it with your little ones as well. They need special time with Jesus to become best friend's with Him. Start with family worship. A book that my little's enjoy is called Little Hearts for Jesus by Sally Pierson Dillon. It has a small reading, an interactive illustration to get the point across, a song and a prayer. Short and to the point, but very captivating. At some point, I will begin working with Hannah to have special time on her own. There are several resources available for that as well. (like cassettes and CD's with a special little worship format for kids to listen along with.)
Jesus longs to spend time with you. He's waiting. He's always there. Let's spend time with Him today! :)

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