Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So often we rush through our lives and forget to enjoy life's little pleasures. We think about the next thing on "the list" of to-do's and we brush over the simple joy's that come our way. If you think about a kid, they don't worry about tomorrow or next week. They are focused on living today. They are thrilled with the moment. Whether that be a splash in the kiddie pool or petting the kitty. Or maybe it's a yummy juicy popcicle or reading a special book with mommy. Whatever it may be, they are in the moment. I have been pondering that this summer and really attempting to enjoy each day. Yes, I am planning what comes next and even trying to fill some of the days throughout the month with activities to look forward to (maybe that's because I'm an adult and I can actually comprehend what a month looks like!) But on a day to day level, I am watching for the fun and simple times that bring a smile to my face and that of my family. I love watching the joy in Hannah's eyes as she runs to jump into the pool and splashes into the cool water. I delight in watching Nathan getting a mischievous glint in his eye and then pulling some sort of goofy prank on his sister (he's a big tease). I enjoy watching the two children relate with each other and sort out their differences of oppinion (yes, motherly intervention is often called for, but it's interesting to see if they can work things out on their own first) So are you kickin' back this summer with a cool glass of water or lemonade and just watching the kids play? Or are you worried about what's going to come next in life? I challenge you to think on the passage from Holy Scripture regarding the Sparrows and how they do not worry, for they know that their Heavenly Father will take care of them. How much more important are we then they? We are well loved and well cared for by a great big God. We have so much to be thankful for! Let's start counting the ways! And often, in order to contemplate, we must take time to do so. Take a lesson from little Nate here.... Cross those little feet and take a nap in the grass (that is if the kids aren't jumping on you! But, even then, it's a fun chance to play. Forget the naps, they'll happen again someday. LOL!)

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