Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sabbath Preparation

...Of all the week the brightest, of all the week the best... Tis the blessed Sabbath day.

I am one who believes that the house should be at it's cleanest and the food should be at it's best on the Sabbath day. I believe that all necissary housework and cooking preparation should be completed before the sun goes down Friday night. That being said, I will add in a default here! This does NOT always happen! It is the goal that I strive for and I feel good if that goal is attained at the end of Friday. If not, well, next week is a new week and I try not to worry about it in the meantime! Being a mom to 2 young children does not always lead to a spotless home at all times! Throughout the past nearly 3 years that I have been a mother, I have tried to develop a plan that works so as to have my goals reached by the end of each week. This plan has certainly changed many times. Especially after adding a new baby into the picture last summer. This year has had its challenges in keeping order in the home. However, I am happy to say, that some sense of orderliness has been established and I have come into a sort of routine that has really worked for me. I thought I'd share here what has worked for me in hopes that perhaps something might catch your eye and be an encouragement and inspiration to one of you.

I'll start at the very beginning of the "work week."

Monday morning. I begin by tossing a load of laundry in to wash. Then I tackle the dishes. I try to have planned on Sunday some sort of weekly menu plan but often times this gets pushed to Monday. So, as the kids play outside I work on the that. Sometimes it's just a list of dishes that I am going to prepare that week, to be made whenever we're feeling like that certain food. Menu's can be hard to follow to a "t" because some days you may not have the time or energy to prepare an intensive dish and you need something quick. So, I just devise a list of about 5 different possible meals for the week. Including one extra special meal intended for Sabbath. Monday I also work at tidying up the house from the weekend. Picking up lose end's lying around the house.

Tuesday I make sure the laundry is completely finished. Sometimes it doesn't always get folded and put away the day of the washing. This is a good day for an outting for us. The park, the zoo, ect.. Unfortunately, the library is closed on this day where we live! REALLY too bad.

Wednesday I really like to have set aside for going to the grocery store. I try to go as early in the morning as possible so as to have happy kids. :) I'll also plan on doing several minor household chores such as dusting, wiping down the kitchen cabinets, clean the fridge out.

Thursday Is wash day once again. I throw a load into the washer in the morning and usually do 2 loads. Sometimes 3. Make sure it is folded and put away on this day. No clothes floating around the house! Thursday afternoon after the kids awake from their naps I vacuum the whole house, empty all trash cans and clean the bathrooms.(sometimes will do the bathrooms on Friday) I often will set the kid's Sabbath clothes out as well in the evening before putting them to bed. Making sure everything is clean and their Sabbath shoes are BOTH where they can easily be found Sabbath morning!

Friday isn't so bad when you work toward's Sabbath for the rest of the week! I cook for Sabbath, clean bathrooms if I didn't on Thursday, clean the kitchen sinks and mop the kitchen floor. Do a quick toy pick-up just before bed.

And that is my week in a nutshell. Now, like I said before, this is my plan. It doesn't always happen, but it does most weeks. I like to get out of the house at least one partial day a week. It doesn't even matter if it's just up the road. It's just nice to have a change of scenery even for an hour.

So, I'd like to hear from you: do you have a plan that works for you that keeps your week organized and flowing?


  1. I'm tired. :) I mopped the floor on Monday this week...the bathrooms still need to be cleaned, but I need a nap more after last night. I am so glad you have a routine that works for you...I'm more of a hit and miss person -- if it works into my day, I take the opportunity and do it! It'll get done eventually...

  2. I don't have an official schedule or plan for cleaning during the week. But I try to have most of it done by Thursday afternoon so that I can spend Friday doing some last minute laundry, ironing for Sabbath, and pick up the house.

    The worst thing for me is Sabbath meals. When I was growing up, my mom usually had Sabbath lunch prepared on Friday and we just heated it. But I have yet to acquire that ability to think/prepare ahead of time in my own house! It's something I need to work on as I would love to stop cooking on Sabbaths.