Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunshine in the Home

Today I had wanted to blog on hapiness and the mother's work of keeping sunshine in the home. But in some ways, I feel like I am so inadequate today to be blogging on this topic. It's been a bit of a rough day. I am just now beginning to feel myself unwind somewhat from the tensions of the day. However, I think if one of the babies began to cry right now all that stress would come right back. So, let's just cross our fingers and hope they all take a good long nap today! Nathan is teething again. The two top eye-teeth this time. They were possibly the worst with Hannah, and they seem to be pretty bad with Nate as well. He's been super clingy and wants to be held all the time, and when he is not being held he is lying on the floor crying about it, or holding tightly to my leg so I can't move any which way. Of course, Hannah takes up the mood slightly as well, so the stress in the fuss is twice as much. This being said, I think you can realize just slightly why this is quite the topic for me to be addressing today! But I did want to talk about it, because I realize it is so important to the happiness in the home. A Mother's happiness. It's key. I notice so many times that if I am happy, upbeat, unstressed and positive, my kids are that much happier and sweeter. It's so important! If the mother will take time each day at Jesus feet, pleading for his joy and grace to flood her soul and then go forth with His peace in her heart, that day can be oh so much brighter. I will say from experience that this joy and peace is a moment by moment experience! So many little (and big) things can come into each day, threatening to break our hold on Jesus. What are some of the ways in which we can stay positive? I have found if I turn on the scripture songs or some other uplifting praise music that my mood almost instantly turns for the better. The kids also enjoy the music most of the time. I have started keeping my little "boom box" sterio in the kitchen since it seems we are in that room of the house so much of the time. We can listen to music while we do the dishes, sweep, eat, make meals, etc... Hannah has begun requesting me to turn on the music now! We love to sing along and she loves to learn new songs and hear old ones repeated.
Smiling. "Just lift the corners of your mouth and make believe you're glad and.... smile smile smile and keep right on a smilin'! " (the happy music helps with this one! ) Keep a happy and upbeat tone to your voice and smile lots. Speak in sweet and gentle tones and your children will respond. (of course there are times when the voice must take on a different tone, but I am speaking in general.) Hannah has begun calling her daddy her "honey bunny" and her "sweet man" and all sorts of endearing things. It's SO cute! But the point I am trying to get across here is that children mimic what they see and hear and if they are hearing sweet things, they will repeat it.
Another thing to remember is to fix yourself up each morning. Freshen yourself up to begin the day. And pause at some point mid day and refresh. Spruce that sagging hair up, pinch those cheeks to add some color... :) In other words, don't go around every day all day in some old sweats; look nice! It will help improve your overall outlook on life. Dress for success! It's going to be a good day! It will also help your children to get a good picture of life. Jesus wants us to shine for Him each day.In every way!
When you begin to feel the day slide downhill. STOP. Take your child to Jesus in prayer. Turn that music on and sing! STOP. Read a story together. Go outside and play! Slow the pace. When things begin to feel smoother, resume your household chore, whatever that may be.
It is also interesting to note that the happiness of the mother also affects her husband and his happiness. Hmmm.... Well, that could be a whole other topic! I'll leave it at this for now. :)
The Savior is waiting to enter your heart and fill you with happiness and joy TODAY! Doesn't mean there will never be struggles! That's for sure. You will feel burdens and stresses, financial, physical, etc... the thing to remember is that Jesus is only a prayer away. And if we really ask Him, He will help us.


  1. Oh, Amen! You bring back such memories! Staying at the feet of Jesus! Raising little ones up require more of us than anything in the whole world! Only Jesus can help us through that! You are right on, Sarah, when things are going down, STOP! I felt that today also. It is surely a moment by moment experience as you say! You learn soooo much raising kids!

  2. Good points here! :) Keep it up, you're a great mommy. Setting a good example for your kiddos.