Monday, September 14, 2009

Being Crafty

Ahh.... I am so happy! I finally have a little space to spread out my "Stuff" and be creative! We've been working for some time on this project. Going along as we had the funds to do so. We enclosed our breezeway in the early spring and it's taken til now to get it painted, the floor finished, a rug purchased and an a/c duct put in so that I can now begin to take up occupancy in my new little room. I am beyond happy! I have my sewing table. I got two rubbermaid large drawer storages on Sunday to store all my fabrics and notions in and then two smaller ones for the table for things like thread and scissors. I can have my ironing board all set up as well!
The kids even have an area to create! Will be working more on it all as time goes along, but in the plans are: chalkboard, feltboard and cork board for displaying art and doing felts, etc... Also am looking for a small round table to put in the center of the room where we can sit and do school/art projects. Isn't this so exciting?! Above the kids little art desk is a small quilt that I created when I was around age 7! It's fun to be able to hang it up again and muse about times past and where the fabrics were used once upon a time. :) See how creative I've been?! Today I made some cards out in my own little workspace. With doors closed, fan on and nothin' but peace and quiet while the kids napped. Ahhh. yes!! Now we're talkin'!

On a side note, I got to go to some friends house with the kids this morning! We attempted card making while there. Or should I say, I attempted card making! (In between keeping the little guy out of mischief. ;) Hannah had so much fun playing with a newly made friend. They did so well together! It was so nice to just BE with other people and fellowship in that way. We enjoyed such a tasty lunch! (thank you Angie and Ashney!) WAY too soon, the kids were worn out and ready for their naps (actually asking to go for a nap! You know they got to be tired when they do that! haha!) So... back home again and enjoying a bit of respite before it all is whirlwind and chaos once again. TGFN's! (that's my new version of TGIF-mine means-thank God for naps!)
Happy creating peeps!


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  2. I'm impressed. You have enough rooms in your house to dedicate one to crafts?? How nice!! :) I love TGFN's too.

  3. well, i sure didn't use to have space! this was our breezeway connecting the house to the garage that we decided to enclose. luv it!

  4. I love your new little room! It looks very cozy and crafty. :)