Friday, September 4, 2009

BFIAR, Week One

We started out our year of using "Before Five in a Row" reading "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear." It's a cute little book and Hannah really enjoyed it. It's full of rhyme and calls for lots of creativity. I borrowed it from the library. We first read the book through and then we made up new rhymes and phrases-"Hannah Rose, what will you wear? I'll wear my swim suit when it's hot. My swim suit in the pool!"We went through many different times of the year and occasions. She did really well figuring out answers to reply with! Next, I made Jesse Bear come to life! I printed out a teddy bear from and then Mike glued it onto cardboard to make it more durable. I made little skirts, shirts, shorts, pj's and dresses for the kids to dress their Jesse Bear's with.
I had Hannah work on her numbers, connecting, shapes and colors with My Father's WorldWe made teddy bear peanut butter cookies-just like Jesse Bear!

The kids both had fun eating teddy bear pancakes

We recited 2 Bible verses on being cheerful and happy, we looked at the loving expressions given by the mama, daddy and Jesse Bear throughout the story, We did "Can you find" searches for flowers, different shapes, etc... in the book, We looked at detail in the book-why are their pictures of swans and water in the bathroom? What is in Jesse Bear's room? Do you have some of the same things in your room? We played Ring Around the Rosy and Pop Goes the Weasel. We also observed butterflies in the roses. Overall, it was a really fun week and I'm looking forward to next week. Hannah and Nathan both had a lot of fun too, and that's what counts. :)

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  1. YES! This sounds so fun! :) You did a LOT this week. Those bear cookies are so cute! I like the idea of basing the theme for the week on a book. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your creative ideas!