Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I recently read about an online bookclub called Bloom. My interest was immediately perked. I have longed to join a bookclub for some time, and this one, is first and foremost, Christian. Secondly, it's online. Therefore, I don't have to go anywhere to be involved in it. Makes it just right! Incidentally, the two ladies who started it live about 3 hrs. from me! Wow! How cool is that? At any rate, I am excited! The book they have started on is called Crazy Love. I ordered it through Amazon and got no extra charge 2 day shipping, so the book arrived quite quickly. I am 1/2 way through chap. 2 now and am really enjoying the book. The first chapter emphasizes how big and powerful God is. There are video clips on the book's website that you can go to and further heighten your experience of the book. One of the clips is incredible-it takes you on a journey through space and shows you how small you really are in comparison with Heaven. And yet, HE knows the very hairs on our head! It's pretty mind boggeling.

Chapter 2 goes into how our life is but a vapor, we're here one minute, gone the next. Is it all about us? Nope. It's all about HIM. Living our lives for HIS glory and honor.

That's just a small picture of the first 2 chapter's, there is much more to be discussed, such as-what's going wrong in our churches today (hmm.. sounds interesting!)

I am really enjoying the online discussion board, and the video discussions of the book. Very intruiging and a very fun online community. Check it out! :)

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  1. mt friend just lent me crazy love...she loved it. haven't started it yet, but i heard the author speak a few years ago and really liked him. and the cover is great. haha