Monday, September 7, 2009

Bringing in the Sabbath

In searching for special ways to bring in the Sabbath and make it memorable for the children, I decided to have a special supper on Friday evening. Hannah helped me decorate the picnic table on the back porch. We put two table clothes on it-a green one with a lacy one over the top. We added candles, napkins and roses that Mike had given me upon my return home last week. :) I added some gingerale/lemonade in a nice jar and then we served the rest of the food from inside and brought it out on our plates. It was so enjoyable! We lit the candles and Hannah had fun blowing them out at the end of the meal. We just relaxed and enjoyed a cooler evening. It was a perfect temperature. I am loving this almost beginning of fall weather! As you can see, we have some happy faces here!

There's my happy family. I dressed the kids and myself in nice clothes and we all made sure we were ready for daddy when he got home. It was special and it was so nice.

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