Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Much Needed Respite

The first part of August I felt pretty overwhelmed. Tired out. Pooped. In need of a break. I've felt this way before (obviously! what mother doesn't, right?) but haven't done anything about it. This time, I decided it was time. Time to break loose for a few days and feel a change of pace. Mike very graciously agreed and I planned a trip to Arizona for the end of August to visit one of my closest friends of childhood, Jordan.
After I finally hit, "purchase ticket" I was both excited and extremely nervous. What had I done?! What if the airplane went down and I left my children motherless and my husband without a wife? What then?! Was I being foolish? Mike assured me, right up to the last minute that I could cancel the ticket and it would be O.K. by him.
As we left for the airport, Thursday morning, a beautiful rainbow arched the path on to the interstate and I felt assured that everything would be o.k. I felt sad leaving Mike looking so alone as he drove away. Onward and forward! Up into the blue blue sky. Such an exhilerating feel to fly into the sky! I layed over in Denver. I thought there would be some pretty neat mountains to fly over, but there really wasn't. I saw a few in the distance, but that was it. In fact, my flight in to Arizona I saw quite a bit of rugged terrain and mountainous landscape. It's so neat to get the arial view of America. Into Arizona I swooped and off onto a fun adventure for the next several days.
It was great seeing Jordan again! She and her husband treated me like royalty and I had such a splendid time with them! First off we went out to eat at a Chinese Sushi restaurant. Much more than sushi was served there, but boy was their veggie sushi delicious. Jordan showed me several of the different kinds and let me taste them. YUM. I am hooked! I've got to make some of that stuff here at home! The whole restaurant was a fun, Oriental environment and it was fun to eat and relax at the same time.
We did a lot of shopping and looking around in the stores out there. So much variety and so many of them! I enjoyed browsing through the Ross stores and finding the deals within. :) Problem is, I brought only a carry on bag with me so I didn't have to check any luggage and, well, there's only so much you can put in one of those! Suffice it to say, I didn't get too much. But I had a lot of fun looking! I loved Whole Foods out there. I got some fresh figs and totally loved eating those scrumptious morsels of fruit. We got some stuff to make an awesome dinner there as well.
On Sabbath we went on a long, adventurous road trek over the mountains and desert to Sedona. Stopped along the way at Montezuma's Well (an old well that Indian's built little rock houses around. A really neat place to visit) We had a nice picnic by a stream under some cottonwood trees, surrounded by the whir of cicadas.
Sunday we lounged around and enjoyed the relaxation. Did a little bit of shopping and got a pedicure. My first ever pedicure. It was nice to relax with my feet in the warm bubbling water. I got a french pedicure. The evening ended with a delicious feeling massage, courtesy of Jordan. Left me feeling so relaxed I slept very well that night and was up early the next morning and headed toward home.
It was wonderful to see my dearest Mike again as well as the kids. Love being home, but had a splendid and refreshing time away. :) Thank you Jordan for a wonderful time and Mike for letting me go. :) Love you both!
More later! Pictures to come. :)


  1. Away from home? All by yourself? Wow...that sounds like an adventure! Bet you missed your family...

  2. That is awesome sis! I'm so glad you had a great time!! Can't wait to see pictures!