Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Much to be Said

This week seems to have dragged on for a while. Not sure why. Perhaps because we had several rainy and dreary days throughout. I don't know. At any rate, I'm glad it's Friday! And I'm glad that another week is coming!
We didn't do a whole lot of Preschool this week. We made paper fans, read "Yellow Ball" from the BFIAR, colored lots of pictures, strung beads and not much else. We didn't bake anything neat or make any extraordinary craft-though the paper fans with popcycle sticks were a big hit with the kids!
I ordered a bunch of the BFIAR books off of this week, so they should be coming soon and then we can just supplement from the library instead of relying on it. I am tired of getting to the library and then they don't have the book(s) I need for the week. I got the books quite cheap off of and since I'm sure I'll use the program with Nathan or any other forth-coming children that enter our family, I know the books will be well used.
Thursday evening, Mike took my target shooting at a gun range. WOW! I did it! :) It wasn't too bad! A bit loud, but other than that... I did well using a .22. The kick-back wasn't too bad. However, even though I did it, I can't say that is become a new hobby or anything like that! But, now I know how to use one if I need to and that's not a bad thing. Mike was proud of me and how I did and that made me glad and him glad too. :)
I am trying several new experiments... I will let you in on them as time progresses! Let me just give you a few words to cue you in! Apple cider vinegar, no-poo, lye soap, acne. Hmm... wet your interest any? Stay tuned!


  1. Forthcoming children, eh? ;) Ya, I need to get to the library more often, but it seems like a big job.

  2. no, I'm not pregnant, Laura! my little ones need to grow up a little bit more first!
    Yeah, Nathan likes to run up and down the isles and climb on the small reading ladders. And then the two of them managed to collapse a partial shelf of books all over the floor. its an adventure! though not always quite so complicated. ;)