Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preschool has Begun!

I am thoroughly enjoying schooling my dear daughter. I officially began this week with a little Preschool learning program. We are having so much fun together! I have been doing the My Father's World 2-3 yr. old program which has been teaching shapes, colors, numbers, simple adding/subtracting, but I wanted a little more and the toddler program from last year wasn't cutting it this year. Perhaps she is just a bit older and so things weren't keeping her interest as much any more. So, enter "Before Five in a Row"! I stumbled across it as I was reading a blog that I often frequent and was so impressed with it! Five in a Row has quite a program for Preschoolers, Kindergarten, 1st grade and beyond. I really liked what I saw for the Preschool program especially. It uses one book for the learning base of one week and provides many different activities and learning experiences based on that particular book. The books are carefully chosen and are ones I definitely feel comfortable reading to my kids. The activities are great and there is a Bible verse for each verse for the child to learn and put to practice. The program is designed for ages 2-4 and was written by Jane Claire Lambert. I am so looking forward to swimming through the school year using this program! I love ideas, and this definitely has given me ideas. We've had lots of fun this week, and I will share in a subsequent post all about it, including pictures. :)


  1. Tell me more! What materials must be ordered? How much $$?

  2. well, the link is it was 24.95 for the program book. Other than that, I think all the books are readily available at the library (so, that's all free!) other than that there are a few other little things you can get or do along the way, such as next week it suggests a new ball-preferably yellow. The week after that, new bathtoys (like sea animals, or a little toy boat) so, the things that are required are very economicle and easy to obtain. It is so much fun! I will post today on what we did this week. the 24.95 is for an entire school year, so it is very price effective. Let me know if you try it out!