Thursday, September 24, 2009

To be or not to Be-you tell me!

So, I'd like your input on... being Vegan. What do you say?Some of both? Pros? cons? switch-a-roo experiences? Testimonies? Recipes? Sound it off, folks! Even if you have never posted here before, Chime in! let me know what you think! I'm looking to hear from you! :) This ought to be fun!


  1. We'll here is my opinion.....
    I personally believe that many of food additives that are in so many foods are more harmful than organic/"home grown" animal products. I think that a well rounded diet should be comprised mostly of vegtables/grains/nuts, but a few animal products when used to accent the food instead of becoming the maine meal course can be actually quite becoming to the diet. HMMMMM. What do you think Miss Sarah?

  2. Well... ;)

    We've definitely gone back and forth on this one.

    It seems one good reason to be vegan is avoiding the animal fat. It *seems* like cheese goes straight where I don't want it (hips, waist, etc.) But maybe that's because I can't eat it in moderation!

    Since I've been avoiding all dairy and all soy products, I've been feeling very calcium deficient. Doctors obviously recommend plenty of dairy each day for this reason. But there are other sources of calcium (got spinach?).

    I LIKE dairy. I LIKE soy. They make me happy. I feel malnourished without them. People worry about vegetarians because they don't eat I'm eating even less. Poor me!!

    Enough of the pity party. But you get my drift. Being vegan might be a healthier alternative, but you still have to balance your diet and get enough vitamins and minerals in there.

  3. Being vegan can almost be too strick. I know people that can not live on a vegan diet because it affects how the feel. Their muscle and body aches because it is hard to have a balanced diet being vegan and not taking any supplements. Most vegan do not B12 which is essential to a balanced diet. I think that if we use farm raised animal products you are good as if you buy all the perserved food. We are mostly vegetarian but we also eat farm raised animals.

  4. Interesting comments so far.

    I have a love/hate relationship with being vegan. We're also not in a steady relationship, though I wish we could make it permanent. ;) I've wandered back and forth between vegan and vegetarian my whole life (almost 27 years) and actually prefer being vegan. I love cheese and sour cream, though. That's why I keep going back and forth.

    I believe being vegan can be very healthy. It requires not relying on soy as a meat substitute (I think a little bit is ok but not every day). And I also believe being vegan encourages more fruit and vegetable consumption. When I stay away from most soy, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and avoid the dairy, I feel great.

    What types of recipes do you want? I have recipes for vegan breads, pancakes, casseroles, a couple Asian dishes, etc. I even have a recipe for enchiladas that uses a nutritional yeast "cheese." Surprisingly, it's really good though doesn't taste like cheese.

  5. Sorry, would have posted sooner but somehow missed the post!

    I was a vegan for a few months at the beginning of college (cafeteria food demanded a change, so it didn't last long).

    I heard the other day that vege plus fish live longer than veges without fish who live longer than vegans. Haha.

  6. I tried being vegan, but personally, I just don't have the time required to put into making every single item without milk, cheese or eggs, and from scratch... School just doesn't allow that. Also, I like cheese and ice cream. In moderation though. I can have a bag of cheese in the fridge for over a month, and it still doesn't get all used up unless I'm making a huge caserole for company. Eggs are usually only used to baking when necessary, and sometimes I scramble a couple for my husband on sunday morning. Personally, I hate scrambled eggs, and almost never eat them.

    I think there are ways to be healthy and still incorporate a few dairy products into your diet. When I was growing up, we were very strict vegan. No eggs, cheese, milk, sugar, oil etc. My dad, who is 6'1", got down to about 130 pounds... no joke. My family finally decided to incorporate a few extra items into our diet, and dad got more healthy.

    I try to watch what we eat though. I've hit the jackpot with genetic diseases in my family, so I need to watch my diet to make sure I don't have heart problems in the future. My new years resolution this year was to eat more veggies ... because previously, as a vegetarian, I ate very few vegetables. Mostly beans and rice, and a tomato thrown in here and there. lol. So this year, I have found new vegetables that I like (asparagus!) and I try to eat a salad every day, or at least 5 times a week.

    Anywhoo....I guess for someone who has the time and the money, veganism can be great, as long as you don't take it overboard and know how to make it tasty. Our academy served strict vegan food in the cafeteria, and it made us want to throw up every day. lol. So knowing how to make it taste good is 99% of the deal. lol.