Thursday, October 8, 2009


Nathan leaves me frazzled. He makes me want to pull my hair out at times. And at other times, he makes me want to squeeze him up in a tight bear hug and love him up. He can be such a sweetie pie when he wants to be! :)
He is all boy and all different from Hannah. Hannah was fairly compliant. I remember dealing with her on a few issues at this age, but not as many as my Nate boy!
What do you do when you tell your little one to "not throw food" and they look at you and throw it anyways?
What do you do when you're taking a shower and they insist on opening the shower door when you're all the while telling them NOT to.
What do you do when you're in a parking lot and you set your child down for a second to grab your keys and they take off running. (oh boy!)
What do you do when he pulls his sisters hair and hits her with all sorts of things just because he wants to?
What do you do when you give him a spank and he spanks you right back?
What do you do when you tell him not to kick and he kicks harder than ever?

I'm telling you what! I've got me a handful on my hands.
He throws things down the toilet, He dumps bucketfuls of water out of the bathtub and thinks it's neat. He likes to throw, he likes to grab and he's QUICK about it too.
You tell him to come, he GOES.

I didn't have to deal with the last item with Hannah. She always hovered close by, for fear I might disappear from her sight. She wanted to be held, Nathan wants to run.

I've been trying different tactics of discipline. Honestly, I don't know what works. For throwing food, he gets to sit in his crib. Actually, sitting in his crib seems to speak the loudest volume to him. He sits in there until he stops screaming, and then I come in and pray with him and we try again at whatever it was that we were doing before.
Spanking, well... I don't know, sometimes it seems to stir more anger inside of him. That's another thing. He really has a temper. He can throw a mean tantrum if he get's a notion to. And he gets put in his crib for that too. My goodness! Some days I feel like I'm at my whit's end!
So... we're working on him. And it's hard some days for sure. And it's doubly hard when he's teething, which is what he's doing right now. *sighs-what a day*
I'm just airing out. It's been one of those kind of hair-pulling days with that little one.


  1. OH YES. I can relate. I don't know what it's like to have a girl -- people have told me similar stories though about being compliant and staying closeby, etc.

    We've experienced many of the things you mentioned, but typically they are a one, two, maybe three time deal and then seem to fizzle out. A phase, I call them. Hopefully! Although they do sometimes revisit.

    Peter has been getting punished lately for not listening and obeying. Like the not throwing food and throwing it anyway thing. I give him a warning, then the second time I'm very stern and sometimes he'll laugh and do it again. GRUMPY MOMMY!!! So he's been going to his room to cry it out, *sometimes* getting a spanking (which in the past hasn't been a very effective tool -- he'd laugh and then start hitting us and even his brother -- so we use it very sparingly), and most often a long talk about WHAT he did wrong and WHY. But Nathan's a bit young still for the long talks, probably. :)

    Anyway, have courage!! This will pass. Enjoy him when he's cuddly. ;) And ALWAYS feel free to air out. It's good for the soul.

  2. Wow girl, you have your work cut out for you it sounds like! Boys will be boys! :D

  3. I don't know about boys (yet), but this sounds awfully like my Amelie! Giving you a run for your money! She doesn't respond at all like Lia (or like the books). Good luck! We all understand the hair pulling part!