Monday, October 12, 2009

Quiet, Gentle and Content

In light of last weeks post entitled "Frazzled" I thought I would share a few things that the Lord has been teaching me through the "trial's and tribulation's" of a teething son and bickering children!
Towards the end of the week, looking back, I realized that I had a bit of character building that needed to be worked on. My voice was being raised a bit too often and I was just plain ole getting "Frazzeled and grizzeled" over everything. I needed what the Bible refer's to as a Quiet and Gentle spirit. Halfway through the week, I also read another blogger's disertation on the same topic and I thought to myself that this must really be what God wants me to work on through this! You see, Motherhood teaches us things. Mainly character. What sort of character am I cultivating? I want it to be a Quiet and Gentle spirit. One that isn't frazzeled and worked up over things, one that is Gentle in my words towards others and I want a spirit of contentment as well. I love my family and there is nothing more that I would rather do than be here with them, serving their needs and making the house a home for them. I want to have that frame of mind always-even when the going is tough and I wonder how I'll get through a day-the Lord has the strength! (every "job" has it's difficulties, right?!)
So, I have taken up the prayer-"Dear Lord, please grant me a Quiet and Gentle Spirit and give me a great contentedness in what you have given me to do." And you know, the past few days I have really seen the Lord working on me. He loves it when we ask of Him and He delights in answering character developement requests such as these! He wants to see us ready to meet Him. His coming is sooner than ever before and we so need to be ready. I encourage you this week to take a look at your own life- what is the Lord trying to teach you?

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