Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Thoughts from Today...

Isaiah 32:17 " The work of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever."
Righteousness comes from Christ-from our relationship with Him. As we surrender our lives to Him, He covers us with His righteousness. And His righteousness works in our lives, changing us. His righteousness brings peace. Peace with who I am. Peace with what is happening in my life. As I trust Him, growing in Him, I can let go. I can know that whatever happens to me or to those whom I love is for my good. I can know that God is a God who loves me, who doesn't allow circumstances that will destroy or harm me, even though they may be very painful. Sometimes we shy away from pain. Usually when we pray for another person, we don't pray for painful circumstances to happen. Yet many times, painful circumstances are what bring about real growth and change in our lives. Christ's righteousness gives me peace during these times. Peace to trust that God is in control. It gives me peace to accept who I am in Him, to trust that He created me this way, and that He is still working, still molding me and changing me into what He desires me to be.
His righteousness brings quietness. Quietness from trying, from having to prove ourselves, from having to do all and be all. I can't do it. His righteousness brings me the ability to accept it and to rest in Him, to wait on Him.
His righteousness brings assurance forever-assurance of His love, His salvation, and His promises.
Peace, quietness and assurance are all found in His righteousness. And His righteousness is found in Him-in returning and resting in Him, in abiding in Him. One of the first steps to growing in our self-esteem is to learn to trust Him, to make our relationship with Him top priority of our days. To rest in Him, to allow Him to quiet our spirit, to find our peace and assurance in Him alone. Not in what other people think. Not in what we can accomplish in a day. Just in Him.

There are things more important than accomplishing everything on the to-do list. Each morning, tell God what your plans are, then lay them at His feet and ask Him to accomplish His plans. When we give up our plans for His, there's nothing to feel guilty about at the end of the day! The housework will always be there, there will always be another meeting or committee at church. But moments with my Father, my family and my friends are fleeting. It's in the quiet moments that we will find our greatest value.

-Excerpts taken and revised from "A Woman of Worth" by Tamyra Horst-

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