Thursday, October 1, 2009

To the Zoo

We went to the zoo on Tuesday with friend, Kristina! It was so much fun to finally get together after wanting to do so all summer! She's a couple hours away up in Kentucky, so she had a bit of a drive, but I am SO glad she came. We had a great day! Enjoyed the zoo and all the animals. It was a brisk day to be sure, but we bundled up fairly well and had fun. After the zoo, Kristina got to come over for a few hours to my house and it was really nice to catch up and chat about this and that and everything. So special to spend a day with a friend. Looking forward to doing it again sometime! Enjoy the pictures from the day!
Nathan smiling for the camera. LOLThe pretend oneThe real one Take a look at this cute turtle!

See my stripes?

Flying beauty

Messin' around

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