Monday, November 30, 2009

Musings and More

Y'all, it's been a while. I don't really like this lull in blogging, but I don't really know what to write about or what to say. My fun sewing projects I can't really blog about because they are Christmas presents for relatives that read this blog. I am currently done with 3 of my projects and on to some new ones, some of which I can share since they are for the kids! However, it's been hard to find time and inspiration to sit down at the computer and blog. But I'd really like to! I'd like to have a specific purpose for this blog and I'd love to get on the ball with it so to speak. I'm thinking of several possibilities and hopefully can kick something off the first of the year. Meanwhile, I must say that I am kept awfully busy tending to 2 munchkins and a hubby, keeping up with housework and laundry plus getting ready for Christmas! I think maybe some of my slump has to do with the holiday season. At any rate, I lack inspiration. So bear with me! I'd really like to facelift my blog. I'd like to add categories so that it's easier to find something. For instance, a certain recipe. Instead of wondering what month I might have written it in, all one would have to do is click on Recipes and it would take you to all the recipes that I've posted. But anyways, that's part of what I am thinking...
I'd like to hear from you. What do you like on my blog? What would you like me to post on? What interests you?
For now, Toodles. And know that I am thinking of all of you, my faithful blog readers.... even though I am off in never-never land, tending to 2 sweet children and away from the keyboard... :)
Happy Holidays folks!


  1. Just write about you day. I have found my days are actually funny and entertaining if i find the humor in them :)

  2. I don't know what to suggest you post on because I don't know you all that well. But I really enjoy reading what you post!

    Categories will probably help with organization. Blogger has them built in and they are pretty easy to use.

    How are things going on the health front? You had talked about being vegan. Is that still a goal for your family?

  3. i'll have to check out the categories, cassie! :)
    AS to the health front-we're complete vegetarian, but I've decided not to tackle the vegan part on a whole right now. We'll just strive to be healthy in what we eat and go from there. It's what works for our family at this time. how about you?
    AS to blogging topics-I've decided to continue blogging about day to day topics and keep it real and simple. :)