Monday, November 9, 2009

We've Arrived

We're in Florida for the Winter. Setteling into a routine-or at least trying to! :) It's not been too bad this time around. Nathan is in his own room this time and that REALLY helps with naptimes. Praise the Lord for that!!
The 12 hr. trip down, complete with dogs and puppies in the trailer went SO well. The kids were extremely well behaved and I didn't even have to ride in the back seat with them except for at meal times to help them out with eating. (Typically I am back there nearly the entire time. It's really wearing on a body! ) We had beautiful weather the whole way down.
Since arriving we have batteled mold in the house, a forest for a yard, setting dog cages up, grocery buying and the whole nine yards. So thankful we only had the one day in between arriving and Sabbath! It was nice to be able to take a rest and not worry about needing to work. :) We also celebrated hannah's third birthday on Sabbath! Pictures to come... couldn't locate the camera at the moment. She's thrilled to be in the ranks of the "big girls" ;)
Now, on Monday, we're headed in to a good week. Hannah and I went to the Library and got some great books on Hibernation and we're going to be studying that this week. Hannah is already going around saying she is going to Hibernate and sleep all day long. (Ha-HA!!) And then she sat down to lunch and said she needed to eat a lot of food because she was going to Hibernate. Yes, she's a real character.
We're looking forward to a good winter. No, leaving my home in Tennessee and coming to Florida every winter is not my choice, but I am choosing to be content and happy and look for the fun and adventure along the way. There is plenty of that to be had! ;) We have yet to visit the park and the beach, and... a HURRICANE is headed our way! Eeek! It's super windy and grey today... Ooooooo


  1. Hibernating!! What fun! =) We've been reading The Bear Snores On and Don't Wake Up the Bear! These are really fun books. Glad you're safely settling in and things are looking good. Hope that hurricane isn't a doosy.

  2. we're reading those books too! they are a blast!! Hannah got a real kick out of them. :) glad you are also enjoying them! :)

  3. So glad that you made it safe and sound! I want to take a nap today boohoo don't think I'll be able to. Hopefully you made it to dreamland before I did :)