Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Well. here it is folks! Christmas Eve 2009. Wow. Being away from home this year, I really wanted to do something fun to bring in Christmas and make it special. For me, Christmas has a lot to do with being together, cooking together in the kitchen and making all sorts of yummy treats and goodies, christmas music, etc... So I sought to bring some of that spirit in to the evening. I started around 2:30 this afternoon, cooking and listening to Christmas music on

(Nate enjoying his supper, yep-with a hat on. He's really in to these sort of hats lately, kind of cute if you ask me. )

I made Spinach Artichoke Dip-which I served with chips

Bruschetta-may I just say... YUMmmmmm!!!! Like, the best ever!

Veggie Pizza Bites-oooh yum

Apple Cranberry Crips for Christmas morning (mmmmm)

And Baklava-really really yummy

Wow, what a yummy treat of a supper! Afterwards we went upstairs to our Christmas tree and opened up presents from my mom and dad. Then we went and looked at Christmas Lights! We saw some really neat displays and I think that this is definitely a Christmas tradition for us. It's our second year in a row going on Christmas eve and I like it.
Hannah went to sleep with the story of Baby Jesus and is peacefully sleeping, waiting for Christmas morning!
Now, Grandma is wrapping presents and Mike is trying to figure out how to put together one of her presents for Hannah-a new doll house!
I wanted to watch "The Nativity" but as it is already after 9 pm I guess that will have to wait for another time.
Well, I really must say that with little kids in the picture, Christmas is so much fun! Seeing the kids excitement reminds me of how I was when I was little. Somehow one loses some of that excitement as they grow older. But it's brought back once again when kids are added to the home. How thankful I am for them.
Merry Christmas y'all!!!

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  1. Love your Holiday blog look!!! It's good to see you all healthy and happy!