Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Growing Helpful/Being like Daddy

My little boy is growing up. He wants to be just like daddy. Here he is helping to set some wheel caps on. Here he is sweeping the floor
And this is what I found this morning: Oh my, under the truck "working" with daddy and uncle andy. Oh dear.... my heart stopped. But not right away, first I had to snap the picture. ;) THEN, I brought him inside. lol!

But would you look at that face?! He's making all these adorable smiles at me from underneath the truck. he thought he was one cool dude. hehe. It's fun watching the kids learn and grow and develop into their own little persons. They sure keep me hopping!


  1. That is cute. How nice to have a mini mommy and a mini daddy. =)

  2. That is so cute!! He is getting so big!