Monday, December 21, 2009

Thoughts On Heaven

Lately, Hannah and I have been having quite a few discussions on Heaven. She has lots of questions to ask! She's most enthralled with the wings that we are going to have to actually GET there with. :) Then she wonders about what we will do up there, who will be there, and WHEN are we going to GO?! Last week when we went thru the Walk Through Bethlehem, she thought we were going to Heaven. I explained to her that, no. We were not, unfortunately! She was pretty dissapointed, but oh so thrilled to see the story of Baby Jesus' birth come alive before her very eyes! It made the story of Baby Jesus that much more amazing! Well, this month, the theme at Sabbath school has been Heaven. In part of the program, there is a heavenly mansion set up that the little kids can go into from the back and sit down inside. The door is opened to "see who's in Heaven". Here is a picture of Hannah, so happy to be in her mansion in Heaven! And here she is playing her harp and wearing her crown. :)
It's so neat to see their little minds open up to the possibilities and wonders of Heaven and Jesus! I just keep praying that her heart will always be open to Jesus and that she will always want to follow Him.

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  1. That's so sweet. I hope her heart is always that tender. :) Heaven will be amazing and I can't wait to go!