Friday, January 29, 2010

Did you Guess?

That's right! Baby makes 5! Our newest bundle of joy arrives the first of September!

SURPRISE!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! Can you only imagine my complete surprise to be feeling pregnant yet again; and when I was least expecting it?! AND-the feelings began only days after people were guessing on Facebook that I was pregnant just because I was surprising Mike with a dinner out. Surprise to me! By the end of that week (right after Christmas) I was about 95 % sure. And by New Year's I had taken a test, it was positive of course, and I told Mike at 5 a.m. His eyes FLEW open in surprise and shock. We certainly didn't get any more sleep to be sure.

So, meanwhile, I have been feeling VERY nauseous and sick and lousy. Not keeping up with blogging much at all and just trying to keep my head above water with the kids.

Mike's been a great support at keeping up with feeding the kids as I haven't been able to handle much in the kitchen. The smells send me running towards the bathroom. (hence very little weight gain-about 2 pounds. However, the picture that I shared yesterday was taken the day I told Mike I was preggers. So... it's been a bit since it was taken. I AM showing a bit now.)

So... that's the biggest news from around here. I've been wanting to tell you all for a while, since it's hard not to blog about it or Facebook about how miserable I've been. LOL!

Anyways, I guess once we get back to TN it will be busy busy busy, getting scheduled with the OB there and getting things all figured out. I can hardly believe it. (but the nausea tells me it's def. TRUE. think it's another girl???)


  1. I think so! That way you can name her heather and have Hannah and Heather, lol! I am so excited to be an auntie again! Congratulations!

  2. Exciting!!!! Thanks for sharing your good news, Sarah! *hugs* Praying for you and hope this stage gets over with soon!
    Love you! ~ Kristina

  3. It is SOOOO hard not to blog and FB about it! So you are free to COMPLAIN now!!!! =) We will understand. Are you almost out of the first trimester of yuckiness??

  4. oh wow!!! That is amazing! God definately has sense of humor you found that out a week after they were all teasing you about being pregnant. :p Happy for you and hope you don't feel sick for too long.

  5. Congratulations! Three is definitely the new two. :) So glad to hear the good news, I agree with Laura, complain all you want, and definitely keep us updated.