Friday, January 15, 2010

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Just what the Dr. ordered. It feels great. Warmer air, sunshine, tropical breezes blowing. This is Florida in the wintertime. (usually!) It's nice to be over the cold snap. Below freezing is just wrong for Southern Florida in the wintertime!
This morning, Mike took us out for Breakfast and then we played at the park! I met a mom with triplet boys. I'd say they were between 18 months and 2 years. She had her hands full-that's for sure. I reminded myself not to feel sorry for myself or ever to think I had it rough. That's a handful. And you know, she was so slender too. Tall and slender. I couldn't even imagine her having been pregnant with THREE inside.
The kids are wanting to go for another walk on the golf course and I think we'll do just that.
Mike has been super busy working on trucks and getting them ready to sell and scouring the county for good deals to make money on. I'm so proud of his supporting abilities. He doesn't sit around and do nothing and grow dispondant. He does something. and I'm proud of him. We've sold one truck so far and have 2 more possibilities on 2 other trucks. So I am just praying that they sell quickly. We'd love to take a trip to Sea World while we're down here. We've wanted to do that for years now and never have gotten around to it. If we get a truck or two more sold, I think we could swing it. It would be a nice get away and a total change of pace. Might be nice.
I started doing activities following the Alphabet with the kids yesterday. We started with the letter "A" of course and we ate Apples, painted Artwork, saw an Airplane in the sky. Talked about Aligators, and picked up Acorns. Today is "B" hmm... insight? where are you when I need you? :) Ball. Yes. that's a "B" word. hehe
Anyways, there really isn't a whole lot to write about right now. I know there will be later on, but right now, it's a slow season for writing... so hang in there folks!

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  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well with you and yours!

    B words - Bible and balloon. Those are the two that popped into my head immediately. ;)