Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Musings of a Playdate

I really enjoyed myself today! I met up with the Young Mother’s League at the park near the house and had such a nice time getting to know some other moms! The kids seemed to tire awfully quickly, perhaps due to the fact that they don’t often get to play with other children? At any rate, we packed a little lunch-burritos and a yummy salad and ate our picnic at the park and then the kids ran around and played while the moms interspersed chasing kidlets and conversationalizing. A complete blast. It was really interesting to me to hear other mom’s talking. To hear what is “going on out there.” To hear what works for them, and what doesn’t, to hear how their children are progressing in certain areas and what to expect.
I heard about one interesting place called 40 Carrots. Every Monday morning they have opportunity for young mothers to bring their preschoolers and join in all sorts of fun activities. Things like play dough, finger painting and water colors, sand art, etc… Things that normally a mom doesn’t like getting into a home because it’s such a mess to clean up. You pay 10.00 for 2 hours for as many children as you have and you get to go to all the different stations with your kids and enter into the fun activities, yet you don’t have to clean up the mess! NICE. Sounds like something to try once at least. 
Another mom has had her children involved in Kindermusic since they were just little sprouts, they are now taking off in the Suzuki method of piano and doing phenomenally well. The Kindermusic program is totally one that I’d love to be involved in, but there is not much of that going on around me in Tennessee. It seems like a great way to involve music into your children’s lives and get them to enjoy it and hear rhyme and rhythm.
Then I heard about a great local Christian book club with like 60 women involved in it. They are studying the book More Mary in a Martha World. I’ve heard of that book, it always sounded interesting. Perhaps I will check into reading it this month-maybe they have it at the local library. I told them how I am involved in an online book club called Bloom and how we’re reading the book “Same Kind of Different as Me.” It’s an awesome read. True story and very captivating so far. I am reading it to Mike so it’s slow going, but we’re enjoying it just the same.
One mom homeschooled, and another mom didn’t do anything yet, another 2 mom’s sent their children to Preschool and were trying to work through the huge maze of school’s to choose from. (sounded complicated!)
Meanwhile, the kids played and/or hung around and on-to me and then they began whining to go home. Hannah’s pants were wet from the slides and she wanted to change (and she looked oh so very tired) So, after a while (1.5 hrs) we came home and I got the children down for naps. Hannah is sleeping! And so is Nathan. And me? Well, I’m trying to sleep, but I decided I’d rather write a blog. So… I ran downstairs, got the laptop and began typing on Word. I’ll have to upload the blog later online since the wireless doesn’t reach upstairs to our room. Hence probably the lack of blogging. It’s hard to find the quiet space to really think. This seemed to work pretty well though this time around. I miss blogging. I love telling about my life. Sometimes it gets misinterpreted though and that deters me from sharing freely. Hence another reason I haven’t blogged much lately. I don’t like getting misread and then hearing about it third handedly. Anyways, I suppose that’s part of life and blogging, maybe I’ll get over it, maybe I won’t. Ha-ha!
It’s warming up here and I am really liking that. It makes our time here in Florida seem more worthwhile. The kids and I took another Nature walk this morning and the kids found so many nature treasures that we decided to make a little Nature House in the woods for them. We found a neat tree that had nooks and crannies in it and we put little acorn caps, mosses and lichens, sticks, rocks, and all their treasures in the little natural shelves and ledges. The kids were pretty excited about it. I remember doing that as a kid, only we had things like dissected Coyote scat (with all the little teeth and bones we found within it) and little skulls from birds and oh dear, all sorts of things.  I’m honestly glad they haven’t done that yet!
Well, I’m going to sign off for now. Sleepiness is kicking in and I think I’ll try and rest a few minutes longer before the kids wake up and my reprieve is over and missed.
So long!

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  1. I don't comment much, but I do like reading your blog! Keep it up, if nothing else, it's a great gift that you can give your kids for when they are older.