Monday, January 18, 2010

Picnic at the Beach

A picnic on the beach! Volleyball! Sun, sand, family fun.
Sunday afternoon we all went to the beach for just that. It was so much fun! Lots of yummy food to eat. And I had a blast watching a fun game of volleyball played by Mike and his aunts and uncles and brothers. The kids thought it was great fun running back and forth trying to catch the ball. Everyone was a great sport at including them in the play.
Afterwards, we all ate and ate and ate and filled ourselves to the brim with yummy picnic food. Right about sunset we began to hearing Drumming sounds coming from the beach. A huge crowd had gathered to watch a circle of hippie drummers and dancers bring in the sunset. There were hula-hoopers, belly dancers, hippie dudes beating on their drums-the whole nine yards. It was really pretty neat. Initially, Hannah's cousin, Lexie took Hannah to see and one of the hippie ladies gave Hannah a pretty flower. (flower child, ya know? hehe) Later, Aunt Katie took Hannah over and Hannah actually got in the circle and danced! haha! I would have like to have seen that! I brought Nathan over at one point and he was dancing and squatting and twirling the whole way there. He def. feels the music. hehe!
Here's one picture of the drummers and dancersMike and his brothers playing a mean game of volleyball.

Nathan taking it all in with his cool shades.

Miss Hannah-so excited for the picnic!

It was a really great afternoon. Relaxing and enjoyable. Loved it.

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