Monday, January 25, 2010

Strawberries in the Winter

So-last Monday, Mike and I and the kids, plus Mike's little cousin, Steven, loaded up in the truck and headed strawberry picking. Kind of a novel idea for January, isn't it? Well, it's reality down here in Florida! My what nice beds of strawberries they had too. All raised and completely weed free-it was totally inspiring. The kids were thrilled to pieces. Nathan didn't put but maybe one or two in the bucket-he was all into eating his fill. If he couldn't get them off the plants, then he would just bend over and nip the strawberry right off with his mouth. It was just too funny to watch! He'd leave the little juicy end of strawberry stem still on the plant and then move on to the next one! I love this one of Nathan in the field, mouth covered in strawberry juice.
"Look at what I found!"

"I can carry it!" my BIG girl! Look at her lug that big bucket.
Yummmmm- would you just look at those juicy sweet strawberries-in January.... sigh. isn't that the best sight you ever did see?

After picking strawberries we walked over to the little farm yard and petted all the animals and fed some of them corn. There were beautiful chickens and a peacock-all strutted out in his finery. Pigs, Sheep, donkeys, mini horses, and my favorite-the goat. Isn't he adorable??? I want him.

Then the kids played at the little barn in the sand pile and with all the little farm toys. The kids loved it. Wouldn't that be a novel thing to have in your backyard? :)

So... that was our visit to Hunsader Farms. It was such an enjoyable morning. And I am glad I finally had a moment to blog about it so I can always remember our time. :)


  1. Lucky!! :D We won't have strawberries for months still. I like them in green smoothies - bananas, strawberries, and a handful of fresh spinach. Maybe an ice cube to make it a touch cold. Yum!

  2. That looked like a blast! Nathan. Is too cute!