Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Day

Today is a new day. What does it hold? I have no idea! The sky is bright blue, the wind is cold and crisp and the sun is shining brightly. Hannah is pushing around her play people in their little play bus and she is taking them to school. Nathan wants to play too, but Hannah won't let him play with what she is playing with, so he's bonking her over the head with his hands.... Oh dear. Well, looks like the issue was resolved. Hannah found him two play people and now he's trying to scoot them into the bus while Hannah viciously pushes the bus across the floor. It's the big new game-the game of School. Hannah loves playing it. In fact, we've even bought school books for her to work on. You know, the School Zone variety that you can get at Target or Walmart? (or Walgreens). We got the preschool kind. It has shape identification, letters, tracing, mazes, colors, numbers, what clothes to wear in what season, etc... She absolutely loves it. Every day we have to sit down and "do school." We also work on days of the week, seasons, counting to 10, etc... I think perhaps we'll work on the names of the 12 disciples (with the "There were 12 Disciples" song) and maybe later the books of the Bible??? (maybe too ambitious at this point!?) So, this is the season of life that Hannah at 3 yrs. old is at. She loves to sing and make up songs. She loves going to the library and picking out books to read. She loves make-believe play and does it quite well. For so long I was worried she would never play on her own, but now she thrives! She'll sit on the bed and do her baby doll's hair for an hour and enjoy the whole time. She loves to ride her tricycle and toot her little horns and whistles as she rides around and around. :)
Nathan is full of life, love and cuddles. He is hilarious and my sweet little love-bug. He is starting to explode with words! Well, it's starting anyways. He's trying to talk. He likes to get on the phone with people and jabber away like he's really big stuff. Tooooo tooo cute. :) He loves taking walks outside and collecting rocks and sticks (just like any boy). He loves being goofy.
So, that's what they are up to these days. The big world of play and mystery where everything is neat and new.
I've found several new ideas that I look forward to implementing once I return home. One is a "Quiet Peace Retreat." Just a quiet spot in the house, where we can come to regroup. Where I can take a child that needs correction and we can pause for a moment and regain peace. I'll share more as I implement it. But I got the ideas from The Homespun Heart. There have been several posts that have been shared lately regarding this idea and I am really loving it. I think it's perfect.
As for my New Year's goal of reading through the Bible-I am making it! Doing pretty well on it really. :) I didn't miss one day in January. February I missed a few days, but not too bad. I'm keeping up and really enjoying it. That was my biggest goal of the year. I need to look back over the rest of the goals and see what they were! It's always easier, however, to do these goals in your own home, so I'm sure that by April 1st (giving me time to settle back in.) I'll be ready to start in earnest on some of the other goals.
So, that's all for now. I'm going to go drink my raspberry tea now... :) My little baby is growing! I looked online and saw how big little baby is now and my-it's neat to see! Can't wait to meet him/her. We've got several names we like now too!
Alrighty then... you all have a good one!

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  1. I enjoy hearing about your days -- very interesting. =) Thanks for a peek into your life! I'm hoping my almost three year old will get better at playing by himself soon too!