Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Countdown!

The countdown is on! It's finally come! Now that the time has arrived and I can see the end in sight, the time is moving rapidly and I'm trying to get it all done in time! :) Yep! We're headed back to Tennessee on Monday or Tuesday! I am so excited to be going HOME. We are all healthy and well-finally. I have never seen a sickness hang around like this one did. Now we're knee deep in packing and preparing. I've been filling large rubbermaid's with our belonging's. Three filled so far. Trying to pack everything possible, and yet still leave out the necessities of life.
I had Mike pick up the couches in the living room so the children could get their toys out from underneath. Haha! Amazing what collects underneath a couch during a 4 month duration! Also had him pick up Hannah's mattresses so she could get some toys and junk out from underneath the bed! We got all of that taken care of and now I'll have to collect my non-perishable food items from the kitchen. There isn't a lot of that, but I do need it for when we get home to a nearly empty kitchen and a completely empty fridge! A friend of mine from home is GRACIOUSLY and wonderfully making a nice menu and grocery list for us so when I get back home.... all I have to do is follow it. I am so excited! This really takes a load off my shoulders. I don't have to THINK about what to make and what to buy-I can just follow the list/menu. AMEN sister! Thank you so much Ashney!!! *BIG smiles*
All in all, the wrapping up is going well. The kids want to go to the park and the beach before we leave town. And we still have tickets to visit Bush Garden's so we have to do that as well.... not sure when!
Mike is preparing the trailer today so that we can load everything inside. He built a box onto a flat-bed trailer so we can put everything inside. Then he has to gather up his tools from hither and yon and get everything loaded up.

On a different note-I went to the Doctor yesterday and got to view my baby via ultrasound! It was just a real quick one to check age and measurement. But I saw the baby nonetheless! Such sweet little hands and fingers! Baby was putting them up to it's cheeks. Soooo sweet! (for some reason I keep wanting to say she and her instead of "it" .... but I don't know for sure yet! Just a feeling I suppose!) We've got a good selection of baby names to pick from that we're both happy with too. So that's a good thing!
As for myself and how I have been feeling nausea-wise: Better. I have to take medicine every 8 hrs and eat every 2 hrs to keep on top of things. But if I do this, I feel pretty decent. My energy level is returning and that feels wonderful. I am 15 weeks pregnant and having lots of nighttime dreams about food. Hahaha!
Well, I think that about wraps it up. I'm looking forward to hopefully blogging alot more frequently once I'm home. I also look forward to implementing more of my New Year's resolutions! I have several all lined up for take-off. :)
I'll see you soon!

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