Monday, March 22, 2010


Mom arrived Wednesday evening and set to work right away at helping me out. What a help she proved to be too! She did everything from vacuuming the floors, washing windows, mopping, laundry, sorting toys, picking up sticks and leaves from the yard, scrubbing bathrooms, bathing the children and so much more. I think I'd still be turning in circles wondering where to start if she hadn't have come to my rescue! haha! I am beginning to feel more settled, though not completely. But it's getting there!
The toys have been moved from being scattered here and there throughout the house to having a specific room where they are kept. Mom got them all moved in to the room and I worked on organizing them all into proper drawers and spaces. I still have some work to do on some puzzles and a few toys in Hannah's room yet, but it's minimal.
I sorted through all of Hannah and Nathan's clothing, weeding through all the clothes that no longer fit. Hannah's dresser especially looks world's better.
I also sorted through my clothing and put my "small" clothes into a rubbermaid bin awaiting a thinner season of life *wink* and got out my "big" clothes to replace them all. So now, what's in my dresser and closet fits me! Haha!
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It feels good. And it feels fantabulous to be home again!

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